Sai Kung police check on scrap yard dog ‘Demi’ with SPCA

Photo: SKSFF

Here is a report from Senior Inspector Jacky Chan on the police visit to see “Demi” who activists have claimed is cruelly confined in a scrap yard – see our previous story.

“Just a few lines to let you know the 10-year-old dog is safe and being well taken care by the concerned parties. The short report below aims to cover the action taken by SPCA and the police,  while the rest has already been covered in the Facebook page of ‘Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation'”.

“On 2018-10-12, the first report of suspected cruelty to animal was received by the SPCA. The staff swiftly responded on the subsequent day, and, two staff made a follow up visit on 16 and 20 October respectively:

The location was an open-space ‘recycle centre’ and the dog (named ‘Demi’ by SK Stray Friends Foundation’) was kept therein;

A 6-7 feet neck chain was found attached to Demi, the length of the chain is enough for him to stretch and rest on the ground, supported by sufficient water supply and dog food;

Although no offence was spotted, SPCA gave expert advice to Demi’s owner, such as to provide a better fixed shelter (instead of PVC cover) and tidy up Demi’s place.

SPCA offered a portable kennel to the owner upon their next visit (but SK Stray Friends already gave Demi one a day before). When the case was brought to my attention, SPCA and the local police arranged a further visit on 24 October to see the condition of Demi and if there’s anything we can do further.”

(CHAN Ching-kit, Jacky) SIP

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