Pak Sha Wan Clean-up Day rescheduled for 13 October: 3rd time lucky?


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Carol Biddell has announced the Clean Pak Sha Wan Day will now take place on 13 October, having been postponed twice owing to Super-typhoon Mangkhut and its aftermath.  Hebe Haven Yacht Club (HHYC) will be arranging two large sampans to leave Pak Sha Wan for “little” Trio Beach at 11:00 am.

trio beach cleanup
Lyndsey Cook’s photos of the mess at “little” Trio Beach

Lyndsey Cook, on her Facebook page, says “We need your help to clean ‘little’ Trio Beach. It’s a non-gazetted beach so the government hasn’t cleaned it. This is a mammoth task and we need as many people as possible. We’re hoping over 100 people will show up. Please bring bin bags, baskets, gloves, tongs… the pictures shown doesn’t even cover half the rubbish strewn across the beach”.

The initial idea for the Trio Beach clean-up came from Captn P McBlinky on social media, but when it was ascertained that two independent efforts would be happening at the same time, they decided to join forces.

Boats will return to HHYC at 3:00 pm and snacks and refreshments will be available from 4:00 pm – non-members can pay for extras by Octopus.

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