Old dog cruelly chained in scrap yard: Police Chief says they will visit with SPCA

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Photo: SKSFF

Sai Kung police have reacted to the appalling story about the old dog cruelly confined in a scrap yard in a way that animal lovers will applaud. “I’m now having a word with the SPCA for a joint visit,” the local operations boss, Senior Inspector Jacky Chan, said.

The police are aware that animal care is a priority at the top of the Hong Kong Government. Carrie Lam said in her policy address on 10 October: “The Government attaches great importance to promoting and safeguarding animal welfare.” The Chief Executive said the law will be amended bringing in tougher penalties for cruelty to animals. New legislation will be introduced on “animal keeper’s responsibility for positive duty of care for animals”. Carrie also said that from next year the police will implement an “Animal Watchers Scheme”.

Meanwhile, Debbie Chow and Narelle Pamuk have been working to improved the life of the scrap yard dog. Narelle was outraged to hear that the dog may have been chained for 10 years. BUZZ asked Narelle about arranging for a Cantonese speaker to give the dog’s owners a lecture. “Debbie is talking to them and she is very good. A lady comes daily and brings him food. She’s not in any way associated with the owner.” This woman will help Narelle and Debbie take the dog for desexing and vet treatment. After that Narelle said he will have to go back to his horrid home. Narelle said her shelter with its one hundred-plus dogs is full. “It is very sad we will need to return him to his terrible life.”

Debbie is the founder of HomeDogHome, a local dog rescue and homing volunteer group. Narelle founded the largest local animal charity, Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation.

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