Mini-dragonboat paddlers enjoy splashy sweaty day on the sea as revellers party on the shore

Photo: HK Police

Sai Kung Promenade was heaving on Sunday (21 October) with happy faces. Young lovers flirted, kids ran about, dogs yapped and retailers smiled. Business was good. The 16th Vigor Mini-Dragonboat Races were on. This event attracts about 100 teams of paddlers every year, according to the Hong Kong Amateur Dragonboat Association, which says it is non-profit.  The teams battle it out over straight short courses in front of the promenade and a 28km marathon further out at sea. The local police were in attendance and their operations boss, Senior Inspector Jacky Chan, snapped some photos which he allowed us to share here.

We also share a Youtube video courtesy of Mike Leung


The Sai Kung Rural Committee organised the festival with the Amateur Dragonboat Association. During the year the boating society arranges training courses for paddlers, steersmen, umpires and coaches. Some of the courses are run in tandem with the Shunde Dragonboat Team.  The society also helps schools and companies set up dragonboat teams and team-spirit-building events. It can be reached at Vice-chairman

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