IP cameras installed in Sai Kung at refuse blackspots


The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) has installed Internet Protocol (IP) cameras at 30 additional illegal refuse deposit blackspots around Hong Kong to step up the fight against illegal deposits of refuse and improve environmental hygiene.

A spokesman for the FEHD said that, “To curb illegal deposits of refuse, the FEHD progressively extended the scheme on installation of IP cameras at illegal refuse deposit blackspots to all districts starting from June this year. Following the installation of IP cameras at 47 blackspots earlier, the department, after consulting the District Councils, has installed IP cameras at 30 other blackspots with their operation commencing 10 October. FEHD officers will closely monitor these targeted blackspots and suitably adjust action plans in light of actual circumstances, including changing IP camera locations to enhance the effectiveness of enforcement actions.”


One of the two places in Sai Kung town to have such cameras installed is at the refuse dump in Fui Yiu Lane round the back of Centro Building. Two cameras have been installed over the past few days as well as very prominent notices. This has had an immediate effect on the area – see photos below. The area was notorious for furniture, appliances and other rubbish from that part of town being dumped with no regard to hygiene or disposal. Even the FEHD site was full of rubbish thrown away by residents. It is now pristine.

old rubbish
Fui Yiu Lane dump before the cameras went up
Fui Yiu Lane now

Other spots around the area are:

Tong Ming Street and Po Hong Road (Outside the Beverly Garden)
Yi Chun Street Permanent Refuse Collection Point
Tseung Kwan O Village Refuse Collection Point
Open space opposite to Exit A of Hang Hau MTR Station
Tai Chung Hau Village Refuse Collection Point
Pik Sha Road Refuse Collection Point


The pristine FEHD facility now.

Since the city-wide scheme was launched, the FEHD has issued some 110 fixed penalty notices against offenders for illegal dumping of waste at the blackspots, and instituted some 80 prosecutions against the owners of the vehicles which were used for illegal dumping of refuse based on the footage captured.

The spokesman said that the FEHD implements the arrangements in accordance with the Guidance on CCTV Surveillance and Use of Drones issued by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, including posting notices in the areas covered by the IP cameras.

The spokesman added that the FEHD would continue to combat illegal refuse deposits in a multi-pronged manner. Members of the public are urged to observe the laws and be civic-minded. They should deposit refuse properly or may be prosecuted.

The scheme will be reviewed one year after implementation. The installation locations of the IP cameras have been uploaded to the FEHD website https://www.fehd.gov.hk/english/pleasant_environment/cleansing/list_of_ipcam.pdf

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