Guns seizure at Tan Cheung: Just military collector with no bad intention, initial investigation shows

The house in Tan Cheung               Photos: HK Police

The seizure of guns, ammunition and explosive devices at Tan Cheung Village, Sai Kung, is still being investigated by police. Initial inquiries suggest the “70-year-old gentlemen” arrested is a military enthusiast and collector with no intention to do any harm.

A series of police raids resulted from the detection by Customs & Excise of gun parts in an air-freighted parcel at Chek Lap Kok, Senior Inspector Jacky Chan said. Police went to the addressee’s home at Tsuen Wan and arrested him. They found a connection to the Sai Kung man. His home was ambushed at about midnight on October 25. “The house was in a mess. Old antique cars. He is obviously a collector of military items and has a previous conviction for firearms possession. Detectives seized firearms, ammunition, pistols, rifles and gun parts. There is no sign to suggest he had any bad intention. He is an enthusiast of the military and the police. When I went into the Report Room he stood and saluted me. We think he is harmless, a collector.”

The Senior Inspector said thousands of these sort of cases occur every year. People can buy contraband items on the internet and import them illegally. But he warned it is a serious offence to import guns, ammunition or explosives. The arrested Tan Cheung man will appear in court today and is expected to be remanded.

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