Alleged indecent assault on girl outside The Picture House leads to chaotic fighting with racial overtones

The incident happened outside The Picture House

The dispute at the bus stop outside The Picture House on the weekend escalated into a chaotic scene with fighting that had racial overtones unusual in Sai Kung.

Senior Inspector Jacky Chan, local operations boss, described the events reported by his officers led by a Station Sergeant: “It happened about midnight on the 27th near the minibus stop outside the Picture House. A local female, 20-years-old, who was going home to Tui Min Hui, met a male who was later arrested. She accused him of bumping into her body. He appeared to be drunk, walking with his son, aged 4. The lady asked why he was so rude. She used both hands to push the male’s chest.

“A great dispute happened. An expatriate bartender from The Picture House came out to try to stop the dispute. Then there were reports of fighting. Officers from Sai Kung police station and later the Emergency Unit responded.”

The Senior Inspector said, “After we did an investigation we found some local people had heard the trouble and came out to see what was going on. The local people accused the expat. A great dispute and chaotic scene developed. The bar owners of The Picture House and The Boozer shuttered their doors.” Jacky said there is some concern that some local people may view the bars as troublesome. He and his boss, Chief Inspector Daniel Tsang, have ordered increased patrols at night near these bars. “There is no indication that any of the trouble came from the bars, “Jacky said. BUZZ asked if the police believe the expatriate intended to stop the dispute if he could. “Yes, we believe he was trying to help stop the fight. We will treat him as a witness.”

A 47-year-old local man who lives at Tui Min Hoi was arrested and charged with indecent assault on a female. Out on bail until 2 November, he is expected to appear at Kwun Tong Magistry for remanding.

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