Yet another case of Legionnaires’ Disease in Sai Kung

The Legionella pneumophila bacteria Photo: Healthy Buildings

In what is becoming something of a regular occurrence, The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health today announced four more cases of Legionnaires’ Disease in Hong Kong between 2 and 8 September, one being in Sai Kung. Our last report on 3 September was for a case at Marina Cove discovered in late August.

This was a male  patient, aged 65 with underlying illnesses, who lives in Block 4, Bauhinia Garden, 11 Tong Chun Street, Sai Kung. As of 8 September, 67 LD cases had been reported in 2018. In 2017 and 2016, there were 72 and 75 cases respectively.

Legionellae are found in various environmental settings and grow well in warm water (20 to 45 degrees Celsius). They can be found in aqueous environments such as water tanks, hot and cold water systems, cooling towers, whirlpools and spas, water fountains and home apparatus which support breathing. People may get infected when they breathe in contaminated droplets (aerosols) and mist generated by artificial water systems, or when handling garden soil, compost and potting mixes.

More information on prevention of LD can be found at

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