Tyson, the dog seen floating on upturned boat, rescued and now in shelter

by Narelle Pamuk

Thypoon Day Floating
Floating on overturned dingy – day of Typhoon

A typhoon story from Narelle Pamuk, Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation.

SKSFF received messages of a dog floating on a boat in the harbour near the Sai Kung Waterfront during the typhoon. My son Cole and his friend Alex Hunter  were down at the waterfront and rescued the dog from the floating overturned dinghy and repositioned him on a nearby big boat, the one with the PADI logo.  Returning a short time later they saw that this boat was sinking also.

The PADI boat Cole and Alex placed Tyson on for safety, which was closest to the his location at the time
They again tried to remove him to safety. It took Cole and Alex two attempts…. when they went on board the big boat the dog jumped into the sea and Cole pulled him from the sea and struggled holding the dog with one hand and trying to get himself and the dog up a ladder, but the dog resisted and fell backwards into the water.
Day following typhoon – seen floating again on an overturned dingy
A second attempt to pull him from the sea by both Cole and Alex was successful and they were able to get him up onto the waterfront.  The dog was frantic and stressed and bit Alex, and then ran and jumped back into the sea. The dog was totally stressed and terrified. They could not see him again as the visibility was too bad with the heavy rains and winds.
My husband and I went down to help but it was difficult to see the dog in the ocean with raging rough seas and the typhoon conditions were so intense. We all went home feeling very dismal that all efforts to save the dog failed, thinking no animal could possibly survive the ordeal.
Tyson Day 2 Rescue
Rescuers getting Tyson to safety day after typhoon

The following day,  reports appeared on social media of the dog floating again on an overturned dingy. Immediately I went to the waterfront with other rescue volunteer Debbie Chow. He was being rescued by some people who brought him onto land.

Tyson Day 2 Rescued onto land
Tyson on land (day after typhoon)

Debbie was given the dog owner’s mobile number and she called him to ask if he had lost a dog. He said “Yes he lost his dog” and the call soon ended when she asked “Why was the dog left on his boat?”

Debbie and I took the dog to the Sai Kung Police Station to make a complaint and report in the hope that action can be taken against the owner for not taking responsible measures to ensure the dogs safety and life during a devastating typhoon.

Tyson in my car to Police station
Tyson in my car on the way to the police station

Dog loving, respectable people over Hong Kong are disgusted and there should be a public outcry to have a law put into place to prohibit such irresponsible dog ownership.

My personal opinion is that the Marine Police should have the power and authority to inspect Dog Licences on boats and fish farms. Most owners do not register their dogs.  If a dog is on a boat or fish farm and not registered the boat owner or fish farm licencee should be fined.  Measures need to be brought into place, hefty fines of $20,000 for any person keeping a dog on a boat or  fish farm during a typhoon  to stop this very heartless abuse.

Receiving eye drop treatment at our shelter kennels at Tai Lam Wu

Tyson is now in our Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation shelter.  He is undergoing treatment for extreme trauma, and sight issues. Tyson is exhausted, almost lifeless as the effects of such trauma and his body must be so sore and aching from all the battering he received during this ordeal.


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