Murder trial hears how carrying ball filled with carbon monoxide was “crazy”

Khaw had allegedly been having an affair for some years with his student and children’s tutor. Photo: The True Net

The Sai Sha Road, Sai Kung, murder case continues in Court 22 of the High Court before Mrs Justice Judianna Barnes Wai-ling. Here are updates on testimony so far:

  • An expert witness from Australia told the court carrying carbon monoxide in a yoga ball “was a crazy thing to do”. University of Sydney pharmacologist Nicholas Buckley said the gas is so powerful if released in Court 22 it “could wipe all of us out”. Murder defendant Professor Khaw Kim-sun claimed he took the gas from the Chinese University to his three-storey home because he wanted to use it to kill rats. He has not denied filling the yoga ball with the gas, but does deny murdering his wife, Wong Siew-fing, 47, and his daughter, Lily Khaw Li-ling, 16. They were found slumped and dying three years ago in a yellow Mini-Cooper on Sai Sha Road near Sai O village by a jogger. Police found a gas-filled yoga ball in the car minus its plug. Professor Buckley told the court taking carbon monoxide home to kill rats would be “unwise” because it was dangerous to other species. An anaesthesiologist (Khaw’s profession) would know this.
Police search the car where the suspect’s wife and daughter were found. Photo: AP
  • Earlier the court was told that when his wife and daughter were found dead Khaw was in a meeting with 255 third-year medical students. Khaw’s Chinese University supervisor Gavin Joynt said Khaw was assessing project papers presented by the students on that day. Khaw had also been involved in surgery on the day, too, but Professor Joynt said the university did not have a log to verify this.
  • Government chemist Wong Koon-hung told the trial it would have taken 15 minutes for the carbon monoxide in the Mini-Cooper to reach a level 35 times the 200 parts per million at which the gas becomes dangerous. That level would have continued for 155 minutes, Dr Wong said.

The trial before Justice Judianna is expected to last for about two more weeks.

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