Little Cove: Homegrown coffee shop re-emerges in refreshing creamy white style


The second incarnation of Sai Kung’s Little Cove coffee shop opened yesterday, 12 September. The bright, creamy white decor is a vast improvement on the depressing grey “minimalist” look favoured by previous tenant James Bradshaw with his Casa concept, now closed*. Little Cove is by some margin the best of the homegrown coffee shops.

Yesterday four young black-t-shirted staff were in a happy mood celebrating the opening and ready to banter with the customers. The whole place at Hoi Pong Square is creamy white, the floor, walls, right up to the high open ceiling. The white is relieved with light wood counters, tables and chairs, artfully placed potted plants and the serving area has a grey slate backdrop. James will approve of the latter. So too the washroom area, which is heavily grey, but stylishly done. Little Cove is rivaling the Conservatory for the best toilets in town.

Happy staff were in the mood to banter on opening day

The food at Little Cove is designed to appeal to health nuts. It is very tasty with the best ingredients and not cheap. Examples of prices: Egg and bacon ciabatta $88, Cacao Paradise smoothie bowl $65, Grilled Haloumi bowl $105, Chicken and Dukkah on Sourdough $95. Coffee typically is $36 for a small cup and $46 for a large one.

Little Cove deserves to succeed: The owners are entirely local, we understand, the food is excellent, the staff attractive and the decor very well done, indeed. Little Cove has the potential to be a chain.

* James and his co-investors still have their Cena restaurant in Man Yee Square. The old site in See Cheung Street is now Taps coffee shop.

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