Flood warning for Nam Wai as Sai Kung gears for storm’s onslaught

nam wai
A storm surge and flood warning for Nam Wai has been issued by the Government    Photo: YouTube

The Government issued a storm surge and flood warning for Nam Wai yesterday (14 September) as Super-Typhoon Mangkhut headed across the South China Sea towards Hong Kong. The public was told to beware of the landslip danger. The SPCA and the AFCD issued instructions on what to do if you find injured animals.

Secretary for Security John Lee said, “This is a super-typhoon that is coming very fast.” The circumstances of this storm may be quite different. “So there will be a very short-time from typhoon signal No. 3 to go up to No. 8.” After No.3 goes up 48 temporary shelters will be opened across Hong Kong.

Assistant Director of Drainage Services Department Ir Fedrick Y. F. Kan said that six low-lying places, including Nam Wai, Sai Kung could be hit by a storm surge. The department has sent personnel to these places to install flood barriers and stacked sandbags. They had also established liaison mechanisms, so when the water level will go beyond safe limits there is a mechanism to notify residents. The District Offices would make suitable arrangement to appeal to residents to evacuate depending on the situation on the ground as appropriate.

Some online simulations are forecasting a storm surge of up to 6 m on Sunday morning around the Sai Kung coastal areas, but as it will be low tide some of the effects will be mitigated.

The Home Affairs Department  issued a warning about landslips in the Sai Kung area. They said don’t linger near slopes that may collapse in heavy rain. Drivers were told to take care in hilly areas. The department said if you need shelter call 2835 1473.

If you know of an injured animal, the Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Department said you should call 1823 to notify its staff. (In serious circumstances, call 999.) The AFCD said, depending on the species, injured animals will be taken to animal management centres or to Kadoorie Farm for vet care.

Dr Fiona Woodhouse of the SPCA issued a statement telling people who find injured animals that they should call 2711 1000. The SPCA will respond unless the storm conditions are too dangerous. Help will come when the highest storm signals come down, the society said. People may take injured animals to the SPCA’s hospital on the Wanchai waterfront. It advised residents to bring pets in doors during the storm and to remind neighbours to do so, if necessary. If you decide to move for safety reasons, take your pets with you. Animals may seek shelter near you and the society asks you to let them be.

If you see an injured cow or bull, you may call the volunteer group, Sai Kung Buffalo Watch, on 9781 4703 or 6531 8215.


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