Dog home founder calls for help as super-typhoon approaches


An appeal for people to foster dogs during the coming super-typhoon has been issued by Catherine Lumsden. The founder of Catherine’s Puppies wrote:

Hardly slept last night worrying and writing out lists of where we could put all the dogs at the shelter.

Absolutely dreading this one – have been in Hong Kong for 20 years and have never stressed so much over an incoming storm! So thankful to have great support and so many offers of foster homes, but we still need more for some of the older dogs, but we are getting there.

Also got ‘The Tools’ (they’re actually handy, not just calendar pin ups) on standby for Saturday – to help secure anything that can be secured. Just need the shelter roof to hold… Terrifying. 😓

dog cath 1
The shelter will have some guys coming to bolt ‘bungees’ over the roof on Saturday

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