Vicky Chan shows entrepreneurial spirit as she opens another fish and chip shop

chip in 2
Vicky Chan

Vicky Chan has opened her second Chip In fish and chips shop in Wanchai. She will run the new place with her boyfriend, Henry Lai, along with their first store at 9 King Man St, Sai Kung. Vicky said the total staff of the two shops will be seven to eight. She makes a practice of hiring physically and mentally disabled people and minorities. “We try to mentor them and enhance their abilities,” Vicky said.

chip in 3
Chip In Sai Kung

The new shop is a 200 sq ft takeaway joint at 164 Queen’s Road East opposite Hopewell Centre. Like the Sai Kung store it will serve Atlantic cod imported from Norway with chips fried in Canola oil, which she explained has a very high smoking point (200 degrees Centigrade) so produces less transfat. Henry and Vicky, who live at Tsan Chuk Wan village, also serve butties made with bacon, sausage, chicken and fish, English breakfast tea and Maubere coffee from the late Daniel Groshong’s Hummingfish Foundation. What’s their speciality? Deep-fried Oreo biscuits.

The Wanchai store is actually Vicky’s third (she says she is the sole proprietor). Some years ago she opened in Kowloon City, but the shop was not a success so she closed it.

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