Sai Kung Recycle Day 4 August


The next monthly Sai Kung recycling event in Man Yee square is tomorrow, Saturday, 4 August from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm. It will again be located in the corner near the wet market, between Takka Fusion and The Conservatory.

Volunteers are welcome (and desperately needed!) to come at 11:55 am to help collect polyfoam boxes (gloves and box cutters are helpful but not required) or 12:15 pm to help transport the recyclables. Please contact the organizers if you can help out (Carol Biddell and Carol Ho – see below).

Paper will NOT be accepted. Items other than plastic can be collected at the two stations in the photos.

What is collected is CLEAN plastic (see photo for which type will be accepted (outlined in green));

CLEAN glass (with lids for others to reuse, or to recycle);
CLEAN poly foam (see photo below);

CLEAN and cut tetrapaks (with spout removed, cleaned, and flattened) and drink cartons (please separate metal lining from white lining;
CLEAN metal, and batteries (both rechargeable AND non-rechargeable).

Alba, an e-waste recycler will be on hand to discuss their work and can pick up large appliances from your home. They will also take any large plastic bags off your hands to put the plastic in as per the request of the recycling company.

Carol H can be reached at and Carol B at


Carol Biddell: 6531821
Carol Ho : 91407020 /

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