Mushroom Bakery is closing – but don’t panic

by Trevor Bailey

mushroom 2

Mushroom Bakery is closing. As it’s Sai Kung’s favourite bakery by far, some residents may go into a panic. Calm down, it is just moving around the corner to the ex-Tala’s hair-dressing salon.

Owner Marilyn Li said the Yi Chun Street shop will shut its doors on September 12.  It may be a few days, as ovens and other equipment are moved, before the new store can open. Renovation of the Tala’s site is going on now under the supervision of her husband, Ali.

marilyn li
Marilyn and Ali

Marilyn said she will be away in the Philippines doing charitable work. “I am helping the poor and the needy. I do my own destiny, loving the people there. It is so terrible, very heart-breaking. I am helping the very poor, doing it for the Lord God, Jesus Christ.” Marilyn said she supports impoverished farming and fishing families by donating money and food and paying salaries.

The new Mushroom Bakery on Po Tung Road will be similar in design to the one being closed, she said. Ali wants it to be the same. The bakery employs 10 staff and including part-timers — her son and daughter help — its total complement is 13. The shift was forced by the landlord, Marilyn said. He refused to renew the contract. She thinks he is clearing tenants before selling.

It is just as well the Mushroom is merely moving, otherwise a lot of families, including ours, would go into a panic.

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