High-profile Muslim couple seek to sell restaurant and may leave Sai Kung

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Firenze Restaurant

Sai Kung’s most well-known Muslim couple have put their Firenze restaurant up for sale and may leave town. Mohammed Asif Rahman and Farha Naz Julie are asking for $398,000 for the Po Tung Road business.

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Asif, Julie and their two children, Anse and Aniq

Asked why they are selling, Asif said, “I have a physical problem. My knee is not supporting me any more.” He said he has put on weight and is battling to slim down.

What will they do once the restaurant they have operated for 13 years is sold? “I have a few options. I want to go on the Haj pilgrimage. It takes one and a half months.” He is also looking at job options. “It is hard for me. I am trying not to work anywhere that sells alcohol or pork. I’m thinking of moving to California to join a friend who has offered me a partnership in his halal restaurant . My brother is already there.”

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Inside Firenze

Asif has been investing in real estate. He owns two flats in Hong Kong, which are almost paid off, and a property in Bangladesh. “I am a responsible guy. Thanks to everyone who has supported me.”

The restaurant business can be hard in Sai Kung, Monday to Friday and when the weather is bad. “But I have been blessed. Regular customers support me.” Asif said the rent is $53,000, but the landlord has been difficult, declining to renovate.


BUZZ commented we can remember meeting his new bride, Julie, 19 years ago when he brought her to Sai Kung after they wed in Bangladesh. “Now I want to cry. Pray for me.” The couple have produced two children, Anse, 18, and Aniq, 12. The whole family may move to California, Asif said.

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