For the love of a dog

by Narelle Pamuk

dog simon

We are indebted to Narelle Pamuk of Sai Kung Stray Friends for this touching account of one man and his companion.

It’s all about giving a shelter dog some affection, cuddles, walks and a few treats! They respond and get so excited when that person comes to see them. Simon was rescued from a gutter in Pak Kong Village, very weak and sick. His life was spared by a resident calling Sai Kung Stray Friends. We could get a vet to come immediately. Following treatment, he soon recovered but his rear leg was an old injury and it was too stressful to put him through surgery with long recovery and rehabilitation time.

Being alive was a blessing for Simon but the man who noticed him at our shelter and came regularly to see him giving him love was something Simon never knew before. The man, Chris, and Simon share the most beautiful relationship. Yesterday was the birthday of Chris and the best gift was spending one on one time with his friend, Simon. Oh… to see the love of these two is just so touching!

Happy Birthday, Chris!

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