Five people rescued from capsized sailing boat near Tiu Chung Chau

tinh ping chai
Tiu Chung Chau                        Photo: Google Maps

Five people – two men, one woman and two girls – were rescued from a sailing boat yesterday afternoon, when it was hit by rough seas and capsized near the island of Tiu Chung Chau, Sai Kung. The five were members of two families,  a 44-year-old man, his 42-year-old  wife and their 3-year-old daughter and a 45-year-old man and his 16-year-old daughter.

Fortunately, other vessels were in the area and saw the incident and rescued all five people. Firemen and Marine Police arrived on the scene to see if any others were missing. After investigation it was confirmed that all had been rescued.  The rescued families were not injured and were returned to the Sai Kung Marine Police Base by the Marine Police for further investigation.

According to the Observatory’s information, a southwest wind was blowing in Sai Kung yesterday afternoon. The wind speed was 1 kph and the gust was 3 kph.



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