Bull falls 5 metres down hillside; unsuccessful rescue attempt by firefighters and AFCD – updated

cow fall 2
The dead bull being rescued by firemen                 Photo: 劉永明/Apple Daily

This report is being updated as more information is being received.

The squally thunderstorms this morning claimed one victim. Around 7:00 am a feral bull fell down a 5 m slope in Pak Tam Road near Lady MacLehose Holiday Village. According to local media, passers-by heard its wounded cries and raised the alarm with  nearby villagers.

cow fall
Fireman abseiling down the hillside to rescue stranded bull                  Photo: 張世洋/on.cc

Firefighters arrived at the scene, and after waiting for the heavy rain to stop, around 12:00 noon, and a vet abseiled down to see what was wrong. He found that both the hind legs of the animal were injured as well as other injuries, and that it cannot get back on its own.

cow fall 3
The bull’s body being loaded into an AFCD van                     Photo: 劉永明/Apple Daily

Karina O’Carroll recently updated BUZZ that “Sai Kung Buffalo Watch received a report from a resident at 6:50 am that a bull , who had been spotted Friday afternoon trailing a rope tied to his horns, had become tangled in a fence early this morning and struggling to free himself this morning, he reportedly slipped down a large embankment had fallen down the slope. At 7:20 am SKBW arrived and clambered down slope to see the cow. They suspected that its legs were broken. The police and SPCA had been already called by the resident and SKBW contacted the AFCD.

“Police arrived followed by the fire services, by no one could do anything until the vet arrived to professionally assess injuries, which they did about 12:00 noon. AFCD vet made the decision that the injuries were too severe, and put bull to sleep. Fire services then got to work retrieving his body. Everything finished about 1:00 pm..

“His fall was caused by the rope that was placed around his horns, as he fell struggling to release the rope which was tangled in the bridge railings where he fell. By whom and for what purpose the rope was put on his horns, we do not know, but we have lodged our complaint with the police and trust there will be some investigation on their part.”

This report has been updated.


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