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Where’s the cheapest booze in town?

Chatting in Poets the other day we got discussing boozy bargains around town. So, if you’re planning a BBQ or party over the remains of the summer, S&H might be able to help you save some money! Some BUZZ staff took a stroll around town looking for the cheapest booze; not the really cheap stuff – stuff that was eminently slurpable.


As far as beer goes the outright winner was Feldschlöβchen pilsner from U-Select. 500 mL cans are currently going at 3 for $10. And it’s real German beer too. If you’re lucky you might find some 5 L kegs; they were on special offer at $38, but the price is up and down like a yoyo if they are in stock.


As for wine, Park’nShop/Fusion seems the best bet. Ignoring the wine boxes (although the 2 for $150 4 L Hardys pops up occasionally) the best bet seems the Lindemans Carrawa cabernet/merlot at 3 x 1 L bottles for $108. If you’re lucky you may find other blends at that price too – but look around the shelves. In PnS two weeks ago Nottage Hill 75 cL bottles were on offer at 2 for $98 on one shelf with a special gift of 4 x 500 mL cans Asahi Super Dry free if you bought three bottles, and round the corner on another shelf they were 3 bottles for $128? And you got the free beer anyway. Can never figure out PnS pricing.

Fancy running a car park?

The Government Property Agency is inviting tenders for a three-year licence of the car park on a portion of the first floor of Sai Kung Government Offices, No. 34 Chan Man Street, Sai Kung, New Territories. The premises are to be used for the purpose of a fee-paying public car park for the parking of private cars only.

Interested tenderers who wish to inspect the site should make prior appointment  on or before 15 August. Tenderers must submit their tenders by placing them in the Government Logistics Department Tender Box at the Ground Floor, North Point Government Offices, 333 Java Road, North Point, before noon on 29 August this year.

Anyone fancy taking on Wilson? And offering BUZZ readers a discount?




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