Cookie Monster's peerless wisdom devoured by eager world as new book flies off shelves

A book review

Cookie Monster has stunned the publishing world with the success of his guide to life, “The Joy of Cookies”. The Sesame Street character, who found the key to happiness, is the new star author.
Cookie Monster has philosophy all figured out:
— “Me eat cookie, therefore Me am.”
— “Diamonds are forever, cookies are for now.”
— “Sometimes Me think what is love/and then Me think love is what last cookie is for/Me give up the last cookie for you.”
The book is the distilled wisdom of 49 years of Sesame Street as told by the blue furry monster. The influence of Elmo, Ernie, Big Bird, Grover, Kermit and Oscar the Grouch is clear in the book. And of course the genius Muppets founder, the late Jim Henson.
Cookie Monster, on a book-signing tour, was interviewed by the Straits Times:
“Why this book now?”
“Me has had many profound thoughts over the years about cookies, ” Cookie Monster said. “Big, important, delicious thoughts. Me could not just keep them to Meself forever.”
The reporter asked: “When did you first notice cookies equal happiness?”
“Back when Me was cute little baby monster. One bite and Me knew.”
“Cookie Monster eats everything, true?”
“Me enjoy a well-balanced diet. Cookies, meat, fish, fruit, veg-e-ta-bles, cookies, canoe, truck, bicycle…”
Demand for the Cookie Monster’s new book has overwhelmed book distribution. Amazon is reportedly building warehouses on three continents to try to cope with orders. Cookie Monster is on a world book-signing tour with a truckload of his favourite cookies. Ernie drives, Elmo navigates, and Kermit acts as genial co-host.

Sing a song
Sing out loud
Sing out strong
Sing of good things, not bad
Sing of happy, not sad.


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