By Susie Hewitt

Delights of life in Sai Kung

You don’t have to be arachnophobic to leap into the air going YEECK! when you see this under your lovely derriere. You about to do No.2 when you spot this between your legs. YAAAH! What do you do? Flush it. A few seconds later around the U-bend and up to the water surface the plucky beast comes again. Flush. Wait for the cistern to fill up. Flush. Wait for the cistern to fill up. Flush.

Look into the bowl very closely for some time. Pluck up courage. Put it’s loveliness on the toilet again. Nervously do the business. What if it comes back up again!

Our house is plagued by spiders. Large ones. Almost the size of your hand with fingers splayed. We fight back.

What if you don’t see any spiders for days? WTF ARE THEY PLANNING NOW!


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