Tiffany found: teams of up to 30 rescuers searched for nearly four weeks for three-legged mutt

Tiffany, now back in safe hands Photo: David Roche

Sai Kung’s big heart was in evidence again during June as a posse of animal lovers hunted for a lost three-legged dog. Tiffany escaped from her foster home at Nam Wai nearly four weeks ago and about 30 people at various times scoured the area including the hill trails and shorelines looking for her, David Roche said. Tiffany was found yesterday (22 June) trapped in a cage left by her rescuers.
David is one of Sai Kung’s most admired animal activists. He works closely with Debbie Chow of HomeDogHome and has his own group called Island Animal Welfare, which cares for dogs on islands in Sai Kung bay and beyond.
Tiffany has been returned to Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation’s dog home in the Ho Chung hills. David said she is understood to have lost her right front leg after a dog fight.
Two teams of rescuers searched Nam Wai and surrounding areas for nearly four weeks in the morning and the evening, David said. He was one of the leaders along with Debbie, Catherine Lumsden of Catherine’s Puppies, Narelle Pamuk of Sai Kung Stray Friends and Carol Biddell of Sai Kung Lost Found Injured Animals.
Seven-year-old Tiffany is now famous because of all the publicity about her, David said. But she is still looking for a home. Contact Sai Kung Stray Friends if you have a big heart too and will give her a home. David said Tiffany has been examined by a vet and is in good form considering her four weeks alone on three legs.

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