Taxi drives into drainage channel along Yung Shue O Road

taxi 2
Photo: Declan Da Silva

Around 8:00 am this morning, a green taxi travelling from Yung Shue O, towards Sai Sha Road, approached one of the bends, swerved to avoid a dog, and the driver lost control. The taxi ended up in a drainage channel by the side of the road.
The roof of the taxi was damaged and the windshield broken, and the entire vehicle was trapped inside the channel. The driver managed to open the door and climbed out of the car and called the police for help.
taxi 3
Photo: HK01

When police officers arrived at the scene they saw that there was damage to the pipes in the channel. It took two tow trucks and a crane to pull the taxi from the ditch.
Media sources estimate that the rescue effort cost at least $7,000, and, as the car is so badly damaged, is probably a write off.
taxi 4
Photo: HK01


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  1. Just the first pic.. im guessing its possible the others might have been pulled from elsewhere.. im not trying to have a go just letting u know they didnt take that photo