Recent burglaries made by the same gang, posits Chairman of local Fight Crime Committee, whose daughter's house was burgled on 1 June

Chan Kuen Kwan

Sai Kung has become a burglary hot-spot with seven homes close to Sai Kung hit since the beginning of the month! Following the burglary on the first day of this month, in Tai Mong Tsai Road, where $250,000 cash and property was taken, a burglar avoided infra-red and other anti-theft facilities and sneaked into two neighbouring houses near Sheung Yeung Village earlier this week. Also hit were a house in Phoenix Palm Villa, Lung Mei, another at Tai Lam Wu and two in Tseng Lan Shue. Another two further away, near Fei Ngo Shan and Bay View, close to Clearwater Bay Road, were also entered.
Chan Kuen-kwan, the chairman of the District Fight Crime Committee (Sai Kung District), who was the owner of the house in Tai Mong Tsai Road that was burgled on 1 June, told reporters on Thursday that residents are worried and he is also uneasy. Chan owns the  residence consisting of  two village houses. His 25-year-old daughter, who was the victim, lives in one of the houses.
chan house
The house on Tai Mong Tsai Road                             Photo: Sing Tao

When they looked through the CCTV video system they found that three people fled the premises at 8:00 pm on 1 June. One, about thirties old, smashed a window of his daughter’s apartment and entered through it, and was inside for 20 minutes. Chan recalled that during the night he had heard the dogs barking loudly, and the warning light on the anti-theft system was also on. At that time, he thought it was wild boars and he ignored them. It was only around 4:30 am that he was alerted that he realised anything was wrong.
Chan stated that he does not rule out the thieves being illegal immigrants. He said that the security in Sai Kung District has improved in recent years. The police have already sent more manpower to patrol the area.
Chan believes that many of the burglaries were committed by the same gang. He hopes that the police will crack the case quickly. He added that residents of Sai Kung and Wong Tai Sin District and the police have a neighbourhood watch plan and urged residents to discover suspicious persons and inform the police.
BUZZ will be liaising with the Sai Kung Police to bring you any up to date news on the situation.

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