Hong Kong's top male opera star leads show at Bamboo Theatre starting today

chinese opera 1
Lung Koon-tin, Hong Kong’s most popular male Cantonese opera star appearing in Sai Kung from today

The unmistakable, unique sounds of Cantonese opera will be floating around the town centre for five days from today 7 June. At the bamboo theatre near Tin Hau Temple Hong Kong’s most popular male opera star Lung Koon-tin will be leading the cast. The shows start this evening and there will be two performances a day through Monday after which the bamboo theatre will come down just as astonishingly fast as it went up.
chinese opera 2
Opera stars making up and enjoying a smoke before a performance in Sai Kung. Photo: Lauralynn and Tom Goetz

Every day there are different shows telling stories of love and war. People from all over Hong Kong come to the Sai Kung opera festival because it is regarded as one of the best in the territory. The evening show starts at 7:30 pm. It is not clear from the posters what time the afternoon shows begin, but we know from experience if you visit the bamboo theatre drink in one hand and camera in the other in mid-afternoon you will catch a performance.

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