Dog found dead in Pak Kong – suspected poisoning – update

dead dog pak kong
UPDATE: BUZZ has now been informed that the case was NOT a poisoning, as initially suspected. More news to follow as details emerge.
A four-year-old dog, Fai Fai, was found  dead in Pak Kong Village. He was initially suspected of being poisoned. His usual playmate, “Sister”, was seen searching for him by villagers. Internet user Anthony uploaded Fai Fai’s photo to Facebook and urged everyone to be cautious about the suspected poisoning of the dog. He also criticised the government for not doing enough to deter dog poisoners.
Christy, who has friends living in the village, told the Facebook page that Fai Fai and his sister were two dogs who lived near the roundabout of Pak Kong, and that several families in the village fed them.
If any reader has information please contact Sai Kung police on 3661 1630.

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