Town's first chiropractic clinic shuts down, moves to Island for 'strategic reasons'- revised story

by Trevor Bailey

Sai Kung’s chiropractic clinic branded OneforHealth is closed. The ex-clinic is opposite Pets Central on Yi Chun St. Dr Bruce Vaughan said he had moved the clinic to Taikoo Shing “for strategic reasons”.
The Sai Kung clinic was set up by Kamilla Holst, a Danish model turned chiropractic doctor. Asked by BUZZ why she came to Hong Kong, Kamilla broke into a big smile and said, “Love”. Tall, slim and glamorous, she turned heads when she walked our streets during her short period here. Kamilla said she did not want to buy shares in the local operation and preferred to work in Central. You can see her at Drs BS Vaughan & Associates, Tak Shing House, Central.

The Sai Kung clinic was financed by five shareholders, headed by Bruce Vaughan, Hong Kong’s most famous chiropractor who has campaigned for decades for better recognition of chiropractics. Now 82 Bruce was often seen in the streets of Sai Kung during his weekly visit to the clinic where he still treated patients.
The Yi Chun Street operation was “a combo”, Kamilla said, i.e. it was a chiropractic clinic cum health spa.
Does chiropractics have a credibility problem, despite Bruce’s campaigning? BUZZ asked O Tau resident Raymond Tang, possibly Hong Kong’s most successful physiotherapist — he owns 12 clinics including the one on Po Tong Road — what was the difference between physiotherapists and chiropractics, he said, “Hospitals employ physiotherapists. They do not employ chiropractors.” Raymond (a former hospital physiotherapist) is highly respected but the quote may sound a little unfair to chiropractors.

They are registered with the Department of Health. Bruce, who has practised in Hong Kong for 50 years, says on his website he got his doctorate from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in the US.

(Bruce said the above paragraph (earlier version*) was “highly offensive” as it implied “chiropractics is dishonest (lacking in credibility)”. He said we had “maligned my profession”.  Kamilla was scathing: “I’m appalled by the way you make chiropractic not seem credible.” She said she works with physios and doctors, including in Sai Kung. In Denmark chiropractors do work in hospitals. Hong Kong is 10 years behind. “So for you to say we are less credible is straight up bulls**t. It looks like you are out to do slander and make stuff up. Maybe you and your ‘newspaper’ is the one with the credibility problem.”)

The Sai Kung clinic was just under two years old when it was closed. Designed by Kamilla it was elegant inside — stark white, pebbles lining the corridors, landscape paintings. It was all very Danish. Some of the equipment was unusual: “negative ion beds” promoted as “rock spas that reduce body fat and toxins, activate hormones, prevent ageing and improve sleep.”
Kamilla qualified as a chiropractor by obtaining a master’s degree at the University of Southern Denmark. Now she specialises in treating pregnant women and babies. See or

* BUZZ Editor: We made an error for which we have apologised to Bruce and Kamilla. We posted an early version of the story, not the latest corrected and more fair and balanced version. The first story was pulled as soon as we realised the mistake.)


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