Chiropractic is a recognised profession

Letter from Dr. Bruce Vaughan

bruce vaughan
Dr Bruce Vaughan, 82-year-old chiropractor who is still practicing Photo: amazon

Dear Editor
Due to poor response and rising rent we decided to relocate the clinic to Taikoo Shing; opening 6th July. I consider your explanation that chiropractic lacks credibility, was insulting to a profession that has been around for 120 years and has gained both credibility as well, as in many countries, legal status; Hong Kong being one of those.
As to the difference between Chiropractic and Physiotherapy; Chiropractic is recognised and legislated on an equal footing with Medicine and Dentistry. Physiotherapy is a supplementary profession to Medicine, essentially and legally dependent on their prescription. We thought hard about closing the Sai Kung clinic, I enjoyed my weekly trips, but as our resident chiropractor left Hong Kong to get married we found that it was unsustainable. Several of our Sai Kung patients continue to see our chiropractors in Central.
Dr. Bruce Vaughan DC, FICC

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