After months of prodding government departments give Man Yee Square partial clean-up

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Man Yee Square has been cleaned up somewhat by two government departments thanks to prodding by the District Office and the persistence of SAI KUNG BUZZ. In February alert reader Julie King complained to us about the neglected state of the town’s central square. We published a story and sent the complaint to District Officer David Chiu and Council Chairman George Ng. Both responded within hours saying they would raise the matter with the government. Nothing happened. Nearly four months went by. BUZZ prodded both officials again. Finally we got action.

cleanup 7
The cleanup in progress                           Photo SKDO

This from Assistant District Officer Peter Kwok:

Dear BUZZ Editor,
Apart from the regular cleansing services provided at the Man Yee Playground/Square, the two departments also stepped up inspection of the venue to remove illegal storage of personal belongings. Special operations were conducted last month and the latest was in the morning of 7 June 2018. All miscellaneous articles obstructing the public places were cleared and followed by thorough street cleaning/washing afterwards. Anti-rodent operation was also conducted at nearby public places, in particular rear and side lanes.
Needless to say, the departments will keep the venue under close observation and take appropriate measures whenever the situation warrants. Subject to availability of resources, more joint operations will be conducted there in future.
Peter Kwok

Peter provided photos before the clean-up, during and afterwards.

Further thoughts, Peter, which we hope you can talk the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and Food and Environmental Health Department (FEHD) into acting upon: Julie made the sensible suggestion that ceiling fans should be installed at the sitting out area where the old ladies play cards. Also the square needs more than a clean-up. All the public facilities need to be maintained and repainted. If anywhere can claim to be the centre of Sai Kung it is Man Yee Square. It is looking dilapidated, neglected and unloved. Also, Julie gave us photos showing how beautiful the square was many years ago when it had well-tended flower beds. Peter, LCSD and FEHD, can we please give Man Yee Square some tender loving care and get it back to being beautiful again (see photos below)?



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