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Four of Sai Kung’s feral cattle take shelter in parking garage

cows parking 1

The small herd in the multi-storey car park                                Photo HK01

Last night 12 May, during the heavy rain, four of Sai Kung’s feral cattle took shelter in the  Kau Sai Chau Golf Course Car Park off Wai Man Road. The  car park staff tried to drive the cattle away, but they just moved around until the rain stopped.

cows parking 2

Keeping dry                 Photo: HK01

According to AFCD information, cattle and buffalo are herd animals by nature, and generally live in groups. Sai Kung and the surrounding areas are well known for the feral cattle wandering around, and members of the public know to keep away from them and not make any sudden movements. During the rainy season it is not uncommon for herds of the cattle to be seen roaming around Sai Kung town.

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