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Ko Tong Brookside resident wins bottle of Montepulciano for photo-story on python capture


The first bottle of Montepulciano offered by SAI KUNG BUZZ Editors for the best news tip or other contribution in the previous month has been won by Jill Lessiter. Jill is a soon-to-retire teacher who lives at Brookside near Ko Tong. She sent in the photos and report on Dave Willott, the snake catcher, bagging a python near Brookside. During May it was the most viewed story on the BUZZ website and the most shared on social media.  Well done, Jill, who coincidentally met a BUZZ team member at Winerack and was handed her wine. She declined to be photographed because of a dispute with a squatting neighbour that has led to a police charge of criminal intimidation against the man.


A photo from the winning story                               Photo: Marjorie Sanchez

BUZZ Editors offer a bottle of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo to the community member who sends in the best news tip or other contribution during the month. Almost anything that will interest, attract or amuse our readers can qualify. It could be a cartoon, humourous column, satirical feature, photo-spread of a sports or cultural event or just a news tip on something that has happened locally. What is news? The best definition we know of is, That which interests the most people the most.

All contributions to SAI KUNG BUZZ are welcome, providing they are fit to print in a family-oriented publication!

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