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Burglary in Tai Mong Tsai Road house nets HK$250,000

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Police search the area                                   Photo: Apple Daily

A village house in Tai Mong Tsai Road was burgled last night with total goods and money worth around $250,000 stolen. The 25 year old female resident returned home around 5:00 am this morning to find the house ransacked.


The burgled house                                 Photo: Headline News

She estimated that the thieves had got away with $30,000 in cash, a Rolex watch worth $70,000 and jewellery, such as diamond necklaces, worth around $150,000. Police arriving at the scene found no signs of forced entry, and suspect that the culprit had entered the house through an open window.

Wong Tai Sin District Criminal Investigation Team No. 2 is on the case and nobody has been arrested yet.

1 Comment on Burglary in Tai Mong Tsai Road house nets HK$250,000

  1. 3 Tips to prevent burglary
    1) Install motion-sensing lighting. Install motion-sensing lights by your driveway, garage, back door, and/or your front door. These lights will turn on when motion is detected, helping to deter approaching criminals. When choosing your lights, read the outside of the box to see what is involved in installing the lights. Install them per the instructions. [1]
    It is recommended that you install passive infrared lights, low pressure sodium-vapor lights, or floodlights to deter criminals.
    You can purchase these at your local hardware store.
    Trim your trees and shrubs regularly. Keep the trees and shrubs near your windows and doors trimmed. This will prevent burglars from being able to hide and launch an attack on your house. This is especially true if you are going on vacation or are going to be away from home for a while. Burglars are more likely to target a house that looks unkempt.[2]
    Place a home alarm system decal prominently. Place the decal next to the front door, or place it on a window facing the street. You can also place it next to your mailbox, or along the walkway leading up to your front door. Alarm decals will make criminals second guess their decision to break into your home.[3]
    If you do not have an alarm decal, then display a “beware of dog” or community watch decal in your front yard instead.
    Even if you do not have a real alarm system, just the sight of stickers or signs authorizing the presence of an alarm can keep unwanted visitors away.

    Sai Kung Property Expert

    Marco Ma


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