Pot farm guard dogs rescued from AFCD; one left to survive at Sai Sha Road BBQ pit


Three dogs that used to guard a pot farm have been rescued from AFCD by the good people who lead animal welfare in Sai Kung. In an unusual move, one of the dogs was left on Thursday to fend for itself at a BBQ pit on Sai Sha Road. The dog is called Char Siu and it should be there now. Many caring people live nearby.
Carol Biddell said she fostered seven-year-old Char Siu. The dog had an injured leg, which has been treated. At the same time Char Siu was desexed. “She is very timid but surviving well in the wild. People feed them. All shelters are full of fluffy cute puppies and adult dogs. It was our decision that she has little chance of adoption and would have a happier life back at the BBQ pits on Sai Sha Road.”
dog 3
The sad eyes of these dogs reveal the hard life they have led. German shepherd, girl, 5 years old. Photo: HomeDogHome

The three dogs were found by the police when they raided a pot farm on Clearwater Bay Road in the purple house opposite the Caltex station. The police called AFCD to take the dogs away. After publicity by SAI KUNG BUZZ, Narelle Pamuk, David Roche, Debbie Chow and her colleague MJ got on the case. Narelle filled in AFCD forms allowing re-homing. Debbie gave her name as their adopter. Debbie said she believes she has a foster home for the male Collie, 7, and is looking for a carer for the female Alsatian, 5.
If you can help contact Debbie at homedoghome@gmail.com or Carol at carolsk@gmail.com

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