Police arrest 12 in illegal Vietnamese immigrant bust

Photo: Apple Daily/Dickson Lee

Around 6:00 am this morning police stopped a taxi at Tso Wo Hang and found five illegal immigrants from Vietnam inside. They had travelled from the mainland. The police then made further arrests of another six people at two locations near High Island Reservoir.
Those arrested are between 20 and 60 years old, including six Vietnamese illegal immigrants. The other six are suspected key members of the gang, among them three mainlanders holding two-way permits, two Hong Kong taxi drivers and one Vietnamese. Police do not rule out more arrests as the operation continues.
Photo: Apple Daily/Dickson Lee

In addition, the Guangdong Border Defence Corps also arrested two persons involved in the same case in the Mainland.
The police said that the group of  illegal immigrants arrived at High Island Reservoir after landing in Sai Kung Country Park yesterday.

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