New music-themed cafe in Old Town: jive, groove and booze with 'The Human Jukebox'

Gordon Cummings: creating the Old Town vibe

A bloke who calls himself “The Human Jukebox” has opened the quirkiest fun place in Sai Kung. Gordon Cummings says Ventuno, a music-themed cafe, is “bizarre and unique”. He doesn’t exaggerate.
An eight-year local, Gordon lives in a flat/studio on top of Little Cove coffee shop. He says Little Cove is moving to the Casa site in town by August, which suits him. “I’ll have the best breakfasts in the Old Town.” (BUZZ has spoken to Little Cove co-owner Adam Keith about the move. Adam refuses to confirm or deny).
Ventuno is now “a pop-up shop” with vinyl records plastered on the walls. Gordon is selling an incoherent mix of stuff,  tennis rackets, caps, coffee, booze, records of course and soon food. Decorators will move into the ground-floor shop he is renting for $20,000 a month at 21 Hoi Pong St, next to another attractive place on the waterfront, the Dutch cheese and wine shop. Ventuno will have a soft opening in June.
Dressed all in black, baseball cap reversed, Gordon acts the live-wire character who can’t sit still, nor stop smiling. “I’m an ex-DJ who has toured the world. I’ve retired now, do a gig once in a blue moon. Now I’m going to create the Old Town vibe. We’re all tired of sterile corporate restaurants.” Gordon says Ventuno will have quiz nights on Wednesdays and disco nights on Fridays. Local artists will exhibit.
The music at Ventuno will never stop, Gordon says. It is going to be floating out over the boat harbour day and night. He challenges BUZZ. “Pick any record cover on the walls and I bet you I can find the record in a second.” We choose Bob Marley. Gordon dives into a cardboard box and pulls a Bob Marley record out triumphantly.
“No woman, no cry / no woman, no cry. Eh, yeah!”

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