Missing man found in a coma after diving accident at Tai Long Sai Wan rock pool

Police are reporting that a man reported missing after diving into a rockpool near Tai Long Sai Wan, was found, injured, around 3:00 pm.  At about 11:45 am, a  man reported that two of his  friends had disappeared in one of the four rock pools of Deer Lake Stream. The Flying Service helicopters were called out to 1:00 pm and a Nepalese woman was rescued. She was taken to hospital.
The man was found in a coma by a fire services frogman, and emergency services are responding at the scene.
The four pools are part of the waterfall system of Deer Lake Stream that runs into Tai Long Sai Wan. It is one of Hong Kong’s “cliff diving” spots, with the pools located between waterfalls. The pool bottoms are covered with moss and plants, and it is difficult to see the bottom. A number of people have slipped or drowned over the past few years. The authorities have erected “depth hazard, do not swim” signs, but there are always visitors doing so, especially on hot days like today. The heavy rain also makes the rocks slippery.

UPDATE: Sadly, it is reported that the man died at the hospital he was taken to.

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