Fire at Clear Water Bay Golf and Country Club Marina destroys six boats

Photo: CWB Country and Golf Club

Just after midnight this morning, 20 May, a 20 metre long yacht caught fire at Clear Water Bay Golf and Country Club marina. The fire spread to five nearby yachts. The staff of the club immediately called the police. Firefighters and the Marine Police arrived at the scene and the firemen had to use breathing gear to fight the blaze. The fire was extinguished after about 30 minutes
During the incident, three Marine Police officers arrived on the scene to assist, but did not have the right breathing gear, and they inhaled some of the smoke. They were sent back to the Marine Police Base  and then transferred to the Eastern Hospital, where all three are in stable condition.
After preliminary investigations, police  and fire officers believe that the cause of the fire was not suspicious.

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  1. Why were all the photos taken off this story?
    Why was this story not reported in other media in HK?
    Why has general inquiries email at CWBGCC been shut down?
    I got news of this story on Monday night in Bangkok .. then suddenly – everything vanished.
    You reported no suspicious activity regarding the fire … really?
    ….. OH … OK … I get it … this magazine is about positive stories for the community … So silly of me … Not really a news mag are we … especially news of this sort … shhhhh … ok ….

    • Hi. Thanks for the comment. First, we picked this story up from the Chinese online media. There were no photos with these two, yes just two, stories. We used public domain online photos of the Club to illustrate the story. One Chinese online media web site did post a photo of a blaze the following day, which we also posted when we updated the story. On closer inspection we found that this photo was not of the Clearwater Bay site at all, but at another marina, so we took it down. The Club has not responded to any inquiries so far. We can only publish what we can discover. The story is still up on our site as it was when we posted it. What has been removed? If you have any more details we’d love to hear from you so we can update the story. BUZZ