Dave Willott, snake catcher extraordinaire, back in action again

Photo: Marjorie Sanchez

On Friday morning, 25 May, a vigilant domestic helper walking the family dog spotted the head of a large python as it lay in wait near the barrier on the Water Services Road at Ko Tong Brookside.
She called the police, who enlisted the help of local snake-catcher Dave Willott to capture the snake.
The police and Dave carefully cleared away the leaves and palm fronds concealing the python until they had uncovered its entire length.
As one policeman held up the tail, Dave calmly coaxed the python into a large white bag and removed it to a place far from human habitation.
Reminder: If you sight a dangerous snake near your home, remember to call the police first. They will contact Dave, ensuring that he gets paid for the sterling work he does protecting Sai Kung residents from snakes in our rural environment.
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Marjorie Sanchez

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