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Car windscreen smashed with rocks in parking argument at Tsam Chuk Wan


Screen grab from dashcam footage provided by the victim (face obscured for legal reasons) Photo: Headline News

Parking arguments are one of the facts of life if you live or work in one of Sai Kung’s many villages. Last Wednesday, a local contractor working at Tsam Chuk Wan, returned to his vehicle at 6:00 pm to find the windscreen smashed. As he had been parking in the same place for some time whilst carrying out a house renovation, and had had no complaints or requests to move his car, he was surprised and shocked.

The contractor decided to take a look at his dash-cam, where he found that a village resident wearing a short sleeved blue shirt had picked up large stones in the nearby grass, and smashed the windscreen.

The driver maintains that he, and some colleagues, had consulted the villagers about where they could park, and was told that there was no problem where they were. So they parked their private cars leaving more than enough space for a truck to pass through.

The police were called and the incident was classified as a criminal damage case and handed over to the Criminal Investigation Team of Wong Tai Sin Police District for follow-up.

UPDATE: A man has been arrested for criminal damage.


2 Comments on Car windscreen smashed with rocks in parking argument at Tsam Chuk Wan

  1. Self censorship // 22 May 2018 at 9:33 AM // Reply

    There is no need to redact the man’s face.


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