Our bovine friends have been missing for too long – where are they?

by Trevor Bailey

Photo: Raising Rockstars

Where have all the cows gone? Rachel Yu of Sha Kok Mei wants to know. So do we. My family misses them. It makes us happy when they visit, right outside the house, munching the choicest leaves. We like to collect the gifts they leave behind to fertilise our plants. If they come into the garden it will be sometime before I have to mow the lawn.
We asked the cowgirls, Karina O’Carroll and Carol Biddell, founders of Sai Kung Buffalo Watch. Carol responded saying the wandering of the cattle is seasonal. In winter they go up into the hills, in spring they come down. We should see them in our villages and in the flower beds downtown within a few weeks, Carol said.
Photo: Hong Wrong

Where have all the cows gone?

Long time passing

Where have all the cows gone?

Long time ago

— Apologies to Pete Seeger

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