Kitten foster carers needed: Emily and Flo call for help

Star foster carer Flo Geiser with one of the O Tau kittens

Two heroes of the Sai Kung cat world, Emily Allington and Flo Geiser, have called for more foster carers to come forward. “It is so difficult to find good people to foster and more valuable than finding a permanent home,” Emily said. Fostering saves lives.
Emily founded Hong Kong Cats which rescues kittens and adult felines almost daily. Emily said she needs to contact more people like Flo and her partner Dave. Flo is now looking after the two tabby kittens picked up by O Tau residents. She tells what has happened to them: “They are doing so well, super cuddly and love to chase each other around. They will stay with us until old enough to get their first shots, then I am sure we can find a home quickly.”

Fosters are needed, Flo said, especially for older cats who are harder to adopt. “Kittens and cats often come to us sick, so we need to get them healthy, ready for adoption. Often they are scared or wild and we have to socialise them, which takes time. Patience is the key, with verbal encouragement and tasty food, they usually come around. When they get adopted it is heart breaking, but we know we do more good by fostering than adopting. The two gingers (O Tau kittens) called Peanut and Butter are Nos 52 and 53 we have helped over the last two years. We get updates from adopters with photos, which is lovely and it is great for us to see them doing well.”
You can contact Flo at and Emily at

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