Jaspas Junks soon to sail off into sunset, but Parfitts' empire steams on

by Trevor Bailey

jaspas junk
Still from Jaspas Junks web site

Wayne and Brian Parfitt have announced that Jaspas Junks will be scuppered from 1 May. We mean the business, not the boats, six of them ageing fast. The Parfitts say rising operational and maintenance costs have led them to the decision. “All good things must come to an end.” But make no mistake: the Parfitts are one of Sai Kung’s great success stories. How many restaurants did they have at last count? According to their website about 77. In Hong Kong 27 and in Vietnam around 50.
Wayne founded Castelo Concepts, the holding company, 26 years ago by starting Pepperoni’s in Sai Kung. His brother Brian later came to join him in running the business. They have had many ups and down, successes and failures, like everyone in the restaurant business, but have steamrollered on with impressive energy. They have been operating in Vietnam since 1996 with a company called Al Fresco’s.
Wayne Parfitt, Sai Kung success story

From time to time you will see Wayne, who is built like a prop forward, getting around town in his convertible black Mercedes. His latest local restaurant is St Bart’s at the entrance at Mt. Pavilia. Above it they have also set up a delicatessen, which was shuttered last time we visited, waiting for the families to move into the 680-flat development.

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