Amateur naturalists to take over Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park on 28 April

Hoi Ha Wan may be even busier than usual at a weekend on 28 April as participants in City Nature Challenge descend on its marine park. Anyone from six years of age and up is invited to take part in a global effort to find flora and fauna in the wild, photograph it and upload to iNaturalist.  The event is backed by World Wildlife Fund Hong Kong (WWF).
It was all dreamed up at the California Academy of Sciences and the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. The first City Nature Challenge in 2016 was carried out in the USA only. This year it goes international with 60 cities taking part including Hong Kong.

The WWF says Hong kong is home to 3300 vascular plants, 549 birds, 256 butterflies, 199 freshwater fish, 124 dragonflies, 88 reptiles, 84 hard coral, 58 terrestrial animals and 24 amphibians. The challenge on April 28 is to see how many species can be found on the sea shore at Hoi Ha Wan, photograph them and upload to iNaturalist, the host site. The objective is to build a global database of local nature.
From 10.30am participants will have about 90mins to see how many species they can find and photograph. WWF staff will be there along with people from One Planet Youth. When the event is over those who took part will be given a souvenir. Similar events are being held over the weekend at Hong Kong Park, Mai Po and Island House.
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