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Concerned residents campaign against cable laying in once lovely valley


View from above O Tau

Cable laying to a proposed $1.5 billion development has been opposed by the Long Keng Valley Concern Group, Chairman Jonathan Zeal said. He asked everyone concerned, especially residents of Long Keng and O Tau, to join in the protest.

If the application to lay the cable and erect poles is approved, the work in the once lovely valley will take nine months. Jonathan said the development will lead to encroachment on government land and cause adverse environmental, landscape and traffic impacts in the area. Widespread foliage clearing and possibly tree felling will further degrade a leafy area once home to a myriad of species.

Meanwhile, some action by Government departments has been reported finally. The Planning Department has started prosecution of an illegal road to the development. This should lead to a fine levied on the developers and a reinstatement order, Jonathan said.

SAI KUNG BUZZ has previously reported that the developer’s plans for the Long Keng-O Tau valley project envision about 60 new houses worth $1.5 billion approximately, based on plans “acquired” by an opponent of the scheme. This, if it transpires, will wreck the entire valley below Sai Sha Road.

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