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AMS motorcycle ambulance services in Country Parks to be stopped


Motorcycle ambulances operated by Auxiliary Medical Services (AMS) in Country Parks are to be suspended, the Government has announced. Some park residents have reacted with alarm, wondering what will happen on summer days when traffic jams block the roads and ambulances can not get through quickly. The reason for the suspension was not given.

It is not as serious as it may seem. AMS motorcycle ambulances provide first aid in the country parks for six hours only on Sundays and public holidays. Fire Services ambulances are on call 24/7. Sai Kung station has a little ambulance with a narrow body for getting through village lanes. When SAI KUNG BUZZ visited the station we saw no motorcycle ambulance. The latest report on these services (2015) said there are just 36 “ambulance-aid” motorcycles operated by Fire Services in all of Hong Kong. And just four of the narrow-body ambulances.

The Sai Kung station commander at the time told BUZZ they pledge to get an ambulance to any incident in 12 minutes. Department statistics say they succeed 93% of the time.

Ambulances are operated in Hong Kong by four organisations: Fire Services (FSD), Auxiliary Medical Services, St John’s Ambulance and Hospital Authority. FSD ambulances will respond to a 999 call. You can tell the government ambulances from the voluntary service ambulances by colour. All ambulances are white, but government ones have red stripes and volunteer agency ones green stripes.

Hospital Authority ambulances are used to ferry geriatric, discharged and handicapped patients. St John’s Ambulance provides free services but can also be ordered at $300 a trip.

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