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Yet another dolphin found dead in Sai Kung waters – this time in Hoi Ha Wan


Photo: Apple Daily

Marine Police patrolling the Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park yesterday (1 April) around 2:00 pm, found a dead body more than 1 metre long floating in the sea 200 metres off Flat Island. They discovered that it was an animal carcass and the corpse was taken away by the relevant government department.

According to the Ocean Park Conservation Fund, the body was of a male finless porpoise about 1.65 metres in length and the corpse was seriously rotted. The body was turned over to Ocean Park for dissection. The Ocean Park Conservation Fund stated that this is the 17th case of finless porpoise found dead this year.


Flat Island

The Ocean Park Conservation Fund of Hong Kong has appealed to the public to call the 1823 hotline if they can provide information on the time, location and photo (if any) of the stranding to enable the action team to follow up as soon as possible.

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