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Kristy loves Olde Hong Kong and will paint historical scenes personalised for you

Kristy Lau 1

Kristy Lau

Kristy Lau calls herself “Bitchy K” and says “I was a pretty weird kid”. The Sai Kung artist fell for Olde Hong Kong at a young age, egged on by her harbour pilot father.  Candidly she says she has been plagued by spinal problems that led to three operations and now cannot get a job.


Painting by Kristy of Tung Tak pawn shop — $980

Kristy is running two small businesses from her Sai Kung home: she walks and cares for pets entrusted to her, and sells artwork and paintings on T-shirts of historical Hong Kong. You can order whatever you desire depicted on a t-shirt or canvas, except for “touristy stuff”. Kristy works from photos and she can do you a painting in two days and a t-shirt in a week.  She insists each is unique, labeling them, e.g. “For Michael only”. Typically,  a Kristy Lau historical t-shirt costs less than $1000.


T-shirt by Kristy “Dai pai dong”

You can reach Kristy by email at or her page at


T-shirt by Kristy “Green Spot”

Her t-shirts and paintings will be displayed at The Vault, Fringe Club, from 2 to 11 June, 11:00 am to 7:30 pm (except Sunday).



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