See Sai Kung Beach Boys perform: 'Get around round round I get around wah wa ooo'

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older / then we wouldn’t have to wait so long…”
Well, it has come to pass. They’re old and bold and getting better looking every day. Sai Kung Beach Boys, still pawing the turf on a pitch somewhere near you.
Wouldn’t it be nice… if we could raise a lot of money, says Chris Skinner, secretary of the  Sai Kung Beach Boys Football Club.

“We are having a fund-raising event on Sunday 18 March on Wai Man Road football pitch (opposite swimming pool). We have been invited to a half-hour yoga and meditation class to help raise awareness of the wonderful work the YAMA Foundation do. Here’s a short clip about YAMA Foundation.

It will be a fun and easy session as we are mostly unbendy beginners. Bring a mat or a thick beach towel and a few dollars to pop in one of our red packets to be handed over to our ambassador (Catrin Anderson). Please include a $5 coin with your donation as I may only give 5 bucks and if Cat find out it’s me I’ll be in big trouble. Come down for some fun and support a great cause. We plan to start at 8:45 am and scream and groan for about 30 minutes.
SKBB-FC will be playing 7-a-side football as usual from 9:30 am to 11:30 am on Sunday. We also play 5-a-side on Thursday evenings at 8:00 pm.”
Wah wa ooo

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